CMEMS conference 2023

What happens when we cannot meet our basic needs?

We’re excited to announce this year’s annual CMEMS conference!

On Thursday the 8th of June and Friday the 9th of June, the first-year students of the master Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Groningen will be organising an interdisciplinary conference called ‘Facets of Feeling’. Moving beyond the traditional study of the history of emotions, we will consider emotional suffering as it relates to the theory of needs as set out by Ljiljana Radenović and Il Akkad in the 2022 article ‘History of Emotional Suffering: From Emotions to Needs in the History of Emotions’. We will explore the theoretical and methodological values of this concept for the study of premodern history. This conference will critically evaluate this approach through a multidisciplinary discussion. Through relevant historical case studies, we will analyse the universality of emotions and test the proposed theory. Additionally, we will put the theory in contrast with existing approaches in the history of emotionality. Finally, we will analyse the interplay proposed between society and emotional experiences.


You are cordially invited to attend our conference, which you will be able to attend either in person or online. Note that our room has a limited amount of seating, so for physical attendance it will be first come, first serve. All others will be provided with a link to an online streaming of the conference. 



If you have any questions with regards to our conference or your attendance, please do not hesitate to contact us!